Clear were asked by a firm of insurance assessors to replace an ageing claim handling system with a Microsoft-based application. Our client needed a better system to handle the growing number of insurance claims dealt with by their expanding mobile team of inspectors. We were asked to write a Windows, Office-based system to manage the claim handling process from start to finish.

After a period of careful consultation, planning and design, work was started on a modern Windows based system with a powerful, future-proof SQL database for data storage.

This included recording claim and appointment details, transferring those appointment details to the inspectors’ handhelds, storing the inspector’s results and producing mandates, personalised standard letters and invoices. Results and invoices would then be transferred back to the insurance companies via a series of automated routines.

Over the years, we have expanded the system to accept claims from multiple insurance companies either directly via electronic data transfer or automatically via faxes and emails. We have also written a mobile based system for inspectors to use in the field, utilising their tablets and PDAs. This allows the inspector to be sent a schedule of appointments for each day, to view the appointment details, record their findings and send the results back to head office in real-time.

We have also developed an ordering service to assist in the process of replacing damaged items for customers.

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