Clear Knowhow is a tool that utilises email content to locate the formal and informal expertise in your organisation and enables staff to connect on key topics.

When an employee sends an email, the content is automatically routed through the Clear Knowhow engine. Using natural language processing techniques, developed through Loughborough University, significant words or phrases are recognised by Clear Knowhow’s keyword extraction engine.

The extracted phrases are displayed to the sender for rating. Once rated by the originator, the phrases and associated ratings are stored in the Clear Knowhow expertise profile database. This database can then be searched by other users in the organisation, instantly identifying the most appropriate people to whom technical and business questions should be addressed.

Clear Knowhow saves vital staff time, enabling them to find information more quickly and effectively.  By highlighting pockets of existing expertise, it avoids unnecessary duplication of effort across the organisation; more importantly it enables innovation between clusters of experts who may previously have been unconnected. When a staff member leaves, it helps define the formal and informal knowledge sets required to replace them.

When linked with Clear Pathways, Clear Knowhow also helps your management team to identify skill shortages or emerging trends, and to map the organisation’s human networks.

  • Natural language processing

    Using natural language processing, significant words or phrases are automatically extracted from an email and the sender then ranks their level of expertise on the specific area(s).

  • Expertise search

    Employees can search for specific topics they are interested in and can see the individuals who will be most suited to answer their questions based on their level of expertise

  • High security

    Clear Knowhow does not use information that it does not need; the email messages are never stored or displayed, only the keywords are recorded.

  • Clear Pathways integration

    When linked with Clear Pathways, the management team can identify skill shortages, knowledge clusters and emerging trends. It also allows them to fully map the organisations human networks. More information on Clear Pathways can be found in its relevant section on the website.

  • Saves time finding your organisations expertise

    Clear Knowhow allows employees to find the most suitable individual to direct their queries to based on their level of expertise. This can eliminate wasted time contacting individuals with no knowledge on the subject and can also increase the quality of work with solutions to problems being given by experts rather than individuals who know little about a subject.

  • Clear Pathways integration

    When integrated with Clear Pathways, the benefits that the knowledge system can offer are greatly increased. Skill shortages or emerging trends can easily be identified and the organisation’s human networks can be mapped.

At a glance

No content stored

Only key words and phrases stored

Comprehensive search options

Ranked results

Search deeper via person or subject

Find most relevant terms

Removes irrelevant terms

Set Knowhow levels

Edit Knowhow levels

Pause expertise questions

Add and edit personal details